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Some insights about PDOS or CFO Seminar

Hi everyone, let’s talk again about my US Visa procedures and one of the requirement before I came here in the US. But firstly, let me emphasize this: All of what I’ve written here are based on my OWN experience; the process may or may not change so I would advice you to do more research on this topic, also this is only for K1 or fiancee visa procedures.

Before you buy your luggage, pack your things or get that despedida (go away) party, you need to attend a Pre Departure Orientation Seminar first to get a CFO stamp in your passport. Remember, YOU CAN’T LEAVE THE COUNTRY WITHOUT THE CFO STAMP. Why? Our government requires it and they are so strict when it comes to this rule. Plus you don’t want to delay your flight just because of this right?

Now, what is a Pre Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) and what is a CFO Stamp?

PDOS is required for all Filipino emigrants or those leaving the country to settle permanently abroad. The main topic of this seminar is to help the emigrants prepare themselves for settling overseas. Like adjustment to a new environment, how to deal with homesickness, travel regulations, immigration procedures, cultural differences, settlement concerns, etc. 12 years old and below are exempted from attending the PDOS and are only needed to be registered to the CFO Office.

PDOS Requirement:

  • Photocopy of passport biographic page
  • NBI Clearance
  • Fee of Php250 or roughly $5.50

Address: People’s Reform Initiative for Social Mobilization Inc.(PRISM)
2nd Floor Equitable-PCI Bank Building, 2422 Taft Avenue, Manila
Phone Numbers: (632) 525-3114, (632) 525-3783, (632) 525-4314

CFO Stamp is a sticker, stamped into the emigrants passport. This stamp served as a proof that this visa holder has attended the PDOS and is now ready to travel.

CFO Stamp Requirement:

  • PDOS Certificate
  • Passport
  • US Visa
  • Fee of Php400 or roughly $9

Address: Citigold Center, 1345 Quirino Avenue corner Osmena Highway Manila Phils
Phone numbers: (632) 562-3848,(632) 561-8321 ext. 104, 105, 201- 203

*PDOS and CFO Office are NOT located in the same building.

See the importance now? If you are from Mindanao (like me), you can schedule your PDOS seminar in any of the days you stayed in Manila after taking your medical exam and waiting for your interview. I did mine right after I finished taking my medical exam. My medical exam and interview had an 11 days gap so I had all my vacant time to attend the PDOS Seminar. My seminar runs only for 2 hours (but it depends, sometimes its 3 hours), after the seminar, they gave me a certificate as a proof that I attended it. I then went to the CFO office to pay my CFO Sticker, I just told them that I’ll pay in advance and I’ll get the sticker after I get my visa (because they don’t release the CFO stamp without the US Visa).

So I completed the seminar, paid for the sticker, passed the interview then went back to Mindanao. I went back to Manila a day before my flight going here in the States because I need to get the CFO Stamped (remember I did not get the stamp yet when I paid for it because I am still on the process of getting my visa). I gave myself a day allowance in case there are lots of CFO Stamp applicants and it might cause me a delay. True to what I expected, there are more than 50 CFO stamp applicants when I arrived in the CFO office and I spent like 3 hours waiting for my CFO stamp.

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  1. Hello po,

    Salamat po sa post ninyo, its really helps us a lot, My fiancee lives is michigan, he filed my petition already last april 5,10 receive by the USCIS, so at the moment i am waiting that to be approve and also my packet 3 to be send to me.. so for that i can schedule my medical and interview, maitanong ko lang is it true that medical takes 2 days? what check up they did there ? do they have Stool test or please say soem more so that i will know approximately. I am also x abroad but for fiancee medical maybe there are lots of changes.. and after the interview expected if no problems arrise 2 weeks after i will have my visa.Cna i do my pdos and cfo in cebu ? because i am from there.leaving our country with the use of fiancee visa what are the other documents needed liek passport with stamped CFO with the finacee visa ano please advise if do i have to have more information

    thanks a lot janet

  2. Sherlyn says:

    Hi Janet,

    I’m from cebu also, after u receive the hard copy of approval notice, then kasunod yan ang NVC letter wid manila case number. Before mareceive ng fiance mo ang NVC letter pede kanang mag CFO anytime u want, just make it sure u will bring importants documents for CFO. After that CFO will inform u what next step u need to do. And if u are x-abroad kailangan mo ng POLICE CLEARANCE kng saan ka nag abroad an iyng employer ang magprocess tungkol jan. Kunin mo yan police clearance from the country u’ve been kc need yan for ur interview at US embassy. do u have ym? Thank and GOD BLESS…

  3. Hi Sheryl,

    Thanks sa reply mo sheryl. this is my email add…. ahh okay sheryl…she may idea kana ba sa medical i mean anung test and ginagawa nila like mayeb blood,stool or what pa she? totoo ba na 2 days and medical she? approve naba ang visa mo? ano pa ang kailangan natin before living sa country natin with the use of fiancee visa with pdos, and cfo stamp,,ticket at ano pa? ilang months and hinihintay mo since nag fie kayo at hangang na approve kana she? thanks for the replay and i am waiting again..

    thanks and god bless to all who can explain be further……..

  4. Sweet says:

    Hi Janet,

    katatapos ko lang mag pa medical at painterview this april and Yes! totoong 2 days ang medical. agahan mo sa 1st day mo as in before 6 or 7 dapat andun ka na..wag ka pa medical ng friday kasi monday ka pa makakabalik.. wala syang stool test.. xray, blood, urine and physical exam.. 2nd day immunization and release of immunization record and xray kung clear ka.. pag me findings.. kalimiatan sa xray mag undergo ka sputum exam which will take a week or too so sobrang delay talaga.. I hope everything will be ok and makkuha mo yung result on ur 2nd day =) Take care and GodBless!

  5. Hi Sweet ,

    Maraming salamat sa mga ideas na binigay mo sa akin at it really helps me a congrats sa interview mo ha… nag agent ka ba sa papers mo or kayo lang ang gumawa.. since na receive na ng uscis ang filing papres petition how many days kang na approve. how many days you wait until you have something received from the uscis or embassy. how many days kang nag hintay para sa interview appoingment mo at sa medical mo… at di ba ang visa kong walang problema during the interview matatangap ang visa with in 2 weeks diba na ipapadala ng sa immunization d ba maraming kailangan ng bakuna like mumps,measels,rubeela,polio,tetanus/debtheria,influenza type B, hepititus b,varicella, pheumococcal at pertussis
    i think 10 vaccines that we need if dont have any since birth pero during e mix ba yan nila i mean kong 10 vaccines we need do we have also 10 needles that will be used in the vaccination process ..curious lang po heheheh
    Thanks a lot again Sweet for the info and also whoever can give me more info please write.

    thanks and god bless

  6. Hi to everyone,,

    I am just curious for this question that gossip in my mind excited lang ciguro,, kong papunta na sa pupuntahan natin like me USA ang destination ko with the use of fiancee visa ano pa ang kailangan na documents para no hassles and departure natin sa ating bansa at also walang ring problema sa bansang pupuntahan natin saide sa passport na may fiancee visa, cfo stamp, pdos, ticket at ano pang documents na kailangan,

    maraming salamat po at god bless to all

  7. sweet says:

    Hi Janet,

    Sorry for the late response, ngaun ko lang nabasa yung question mo..
    Hindi kami nag agent. Kami kami lang nag organize and nag prepare na papaers..nun nag file ang fiance ko Nov 4,2009 few days after nyang manggaling dito last year. Tapos mail nya thru over night so the ff day na received ng UCIS yun papers na verify nya yung kasi me tracking # sya.. mga 4/5th then 4/7th na clear na yung check nya. after a month me website kasi kaming tinitignan to check using the case # na binigay sa kanya, nakita namin nasa step 2 na kami..then Feb 26 naka received sya ng text message from UCIS na approved na petition and wait sya for Notification Letter which nakuha nya FEb29. nun narecived nya yung NOA1 andun na Manila case# ko na pwede kong gamitin to set up interview and medical. Pero since busy kami dahil andito sya for vacation.. hehe! so pagkabalik pa nya sa US bago ako nag start pa medical and interview. Pag na receive nyo na manila Ase# pwede na yan.. tawag ka na for interview sched mag allot ka lang ang 1 week na gap from your medical and interview kasi St Lukes mag foforward ng result and passport mo sa Embassy. About Vaccines.. u can tell then kung ano na na shot sa iyo.. hindi naman sila hingi ng record.. pero hinahanap nila yung mark sa braso and yung peklat from chickenfox as proof na me vaccine ka na nun bata pa and kung nagka chicken fox ka.. then sila mag dedecide ako ano i sho shot sa iyo.. dont worry package na $213 kasama na lahat lahat whether u take it or not.
    Dont worry im very glad to help, i knew the feeling kasi parang kelan lang worried din ako =) email mo din ako.. Good Luck!

  8. Hi Sweet,

    Musta? Sorry ngayon ko lang na check ang message ko and for that sorry kau sa delay na pag reply. Wow na excite ako hehehehe… kami then ang fiancee ko lang ang nag process ng papers pag uwi nya galing dito,, na receive then ng USCIS last 5 of april and then ngayon lage lang naming tini check online. Wow i think naka pass kana sa interview mo wow good luck sayo and i am also praying na ako then para makapunta na ako doon.. na bored na kasi akong walang work.. I mean umuwi ako galing nag work abroad at umuwi lang ako para mag met sa kanya at dina ako pinapabalik kaya wala na akong ginagawa dito so board kunti.

    Maraming salamat sa advise mo at pag sabi ka kong aalisa kana okay… saang country ka pala? ako michigan usa.

    thanks a lot and god bless….

  9. Hi says:

    Hi to all,

    Magtatanong lang po sana ako…Ex – Abroad kasi ako at ngayon ko lang natapos ang pag process ng Police Report ko sabi sa embassy encharge na 3 months daw and processing time nila, so they willsend it on May 17,2010 so maybe mga august pa so halimbawa mag interview na ako kailangan ko ba talaga and Police Report or ang receipt or claim tag lang ang titingnan nila na nag process talaga ako ng police rreport….. please advise kasi para medyong matagal ang poliuce report baka mag interview na ako tapos wala pa ang police report ko…

    Thanks to all and God bless us……..

  10. Sheryl says:

    naguguluhan ako san ung seminar, ung PDOS, PRISM,CFO. K1 visa ako papuntang US. San ako una dapat pumunta for seminar and how to get there. Thanks po.

  11. Hi to all,,

    Please advice me ….. gusto ko lang matanong is it true that before we will file fiancee visa ang foreiener kailangang makapunta muna dito sa ating bansa 2 times?kasi sa situation ko my fiancee came here only once and he proceesed my papers already…please advise…………..

    thanks to all,,

    sincerely janet

  12. ethel says:

    hi janet,

    kelan bumisita fiance mo? i think its ok lng pg once lng nka visit fiance mo, ang fiance ko kasi he only visited me once last july 2009. and we already processed our visa, we already have our NOA1, were waiting for our NOA2.. so ok lng yan, bsta madami kayong proofs na u were together.. God Bless!

  13. sweet says:

    Hi Janet,

    Ok lang kahit 1 beses lang sya dumalaw basta recent lang.. lam ko within 2 years from the time nun visit nya.. pero mas maganda kung pag ka dalaw nya.. file agad..

    good luck!


  14. Hi Ethel says:

    Hi Ethel,

    He was here last february 17,2010 then umalis sya march 2, 2010. then narecive ng USCIS paril 5,2010. Lagi lang naming tini check online kong anung status na sa application namin… Nag agent ba kayo?kami hindi sya lang ang gumawa nung na completo na ang papers namin. since natanggap na ng USCIS and papers nyo ilang buwan kayo nag hintay until na approve yung petion nyo….please advise kong sino man ang maka tulong kasi curiuos lang ako…

    thanks to all and god bless

  15. Hi sweet says:

    Hi sweet ,

    Thanks pala sa advise… na curiuos lang ako kasi sabi ng kaibigan ng mama ko na kailangang 2 times daw bago ma process and papers pero na nagtanong ako sa fiancee ko he said okay lang kong isang beses as long as may proof kami na serious yong reltionship namin…..

    Thanks a lot and God bless…

  16. Myra B. Punay says:

    Ms. Gladys,

    First time immigrant po ako at flight ko na po sa June 22, 2010. PAL po angh airline ko, naguguluhan lang ako sa luggage at hand carry limits? 1 luggage lang po dala ko, hanggang ilang kls./lbs. po ang miximum? may hand carry din po ako kung san nakalagay ung visa pocket ko. pwde pa po ba ako mgdala nang maliit na bag pra sa personal items ko?

    Thank you.

  17. Hi Myra,

    I’m not so sure kung ano ang weight limit ngayon ng PAL but you can try checking it out sa website nila. One thing m sure though, yes you can have a hand carry/carry on luggage with you..may limit din kung ilang weight.

    To make sure kung ano na ba ang weight limit nila, go to their website..


  18. Hi to all,

    I am from cebu gusto ko lang mag ask kong ano bang hotel na magandang stay han pag medical na and interview sa us embassy.. young di gaanung malayo sa embassy at sa st.lukes please help me name and contact number para maka pag reserve na ako when i am on the way to manila also at saka estimate ng taxi kasi diko alam.. thanks and God bless,


  19. cris says:

    hi everyone.. i’m juz curious after releasing ur k1 visa what’s next??.. do u really need to leave the country ba agad??? or my alloted time or expiration date when to leave?? hopefully ill have my visa late sept of this year & i’m planning to leave before x’mas but my fiance & i are worried if there’s an expiration date on when to leave.. i don’t wanna go to the US earlier kasi nasa deployment pa yung fiance ko until december.. can someday give us some infos about this matter plsss… thanks sooo much.. :) God blesss..

  20. cris says:

    hi everyone..

    i’m juz curious after releasing ur k1 visa what’s next??.. do u really need to leave the country ba agad??? or is there an alloted time or expiration date on when to leave?? hopefully i’ll have my visa late sept of this year & i’m planning to leave before x’mas but my fiance & i are worried if there’s an expiration date on when to leave.. i don’t wanna go to the US earlier kasi nasa deployment pa yung fiance ko until december.. can somebody give us some infos about this matter plsss… thanks sooo much.. God blesss..

  21. lovely says:

    hi po.we’re going to have our interview this coming friday at 8:30 in the morning.i just want to ask if what is the right time to go in manila embassy.they said that there is a cutoff.i also want to ask if what is the possible question to husband is my der any payment?how much?thanks……

  22. Ina says:

    Hi Ms. Gladys

    four months na ko dito sa austin TX. and i just recieved my schedule for biometrics, gusto ko lang itanong kung gaano katagal ma process yung adjustment of status and working permit?

    thanks and God bless…

  23. Ina says:

    Hi Ms. Gladys

    Its me again have another question,,, i went and look into your US visa timeline& is see that you got your SSN in same month you got married,,, how did you do this?? we also went to Social Security office to change into my married name,,, but we were told that we should have my adjustment of status document or working permit before they give me SNN… hope you can help me with this it would be much appreciated… thank you

  24. rhaye says:

    hey there,thnx for postng this it’s quite helpful although i still have some questions in my mind..i by the way applied for my canadian working visa in beirut,i just went home a couple of days ago to see my question is,do i have to get the NBI clearnce in order to take the PDOS eventhough i’ve got my visa already?
    and also i’ve heard that we could take PDOS at the NAIA,all we have to do is true is this??

    i’d be glad to hear a reply from you..thnks

  25. rhaye says:

    hi,rhaye here i followed and completed all the requiremnts you’ve posted for PDOS,but when i went there they wanted me to get an angency first eventhough i got my plane ticket and visa already!..tanung ko,bakit kakailangnin ko pa ng agency na processed na lahat ng papers ko,besides i applied for my visa in,they asked me to POEA to get an agency…what should i do??help me please

  26. kris says:

    hello po…aalis po ako next month and im a bit confused about pdos and guidance and counselling program. Fiance visa ung type ng visa ko. do i need to attend both pdos and GCP? or pareho lng b sila? nagsearch nko and s tingin ko guidance and counselling program ang aatendan ko since fiance visa ang visa ko…pero nagdadoubt p rin ako so i keep researching and i found this site and i decided to ask n lng just to make sure. pkihelp po me please.

    will wait kung sino man po ang tutulong sken. thanks in advance…God Bless!!!

  27. kris says:

    papunta po pla ako s houston texas on the 14th of september. and am planning to attend my seminar on the 3rd week of this month, ok lng nmn po un db?

    thanks ulit

  28. @ Kris, the information that I wrote above was in 2007, sarili kong experience, I’m not sure kung yung guidance and counselling is pareho ba ng PDOS basta ang alam ko, PDOS yung kinuha ko at fiance visa din ako.

    try searching for manila US embassy website and see kung ano ang nakalagay dun..or else, tawagan mo yung fon number that I wrote above to confirm or ask..

  29. leslie says:

    Hi Gladys!

    Salamat sa answers. Naku,thank God! Laking relief nalaman kong d kailangan ung mga papers n un. Ilang gabi ako d mkatulog kaka sisi sa sarili ko na dapat nagtanong ako. Ung original copy ng birth certificate ko, andun den ata. When I read the requirements, kasama un. Pero cguro nman, ok na ung scanned copy. I’ve another question po. Sabay po ba na-approve ung work permit nyo sa green card? o mas nauna ung work permit sa green card? sabay po kc nming i-aapply den. pero kating kati nko mag trabaho. parang nakaka baliw pag sanay kang nag wwork tapos biglang asa bahay lng.

    @ Kris, hi! Congrats!!!
    Nung dumating ung visa at passport mo from Air21, may nakita kbang parang leaflet sa loob about sa CFO? Ung sa kin, meron. Andun lhat ng info about sa seminar. Para sigurado, you can call them. Kc K1 den ako at guidance counseling lng ung pinuntahan ko.

  30. leslie says:

    @ Cris,

    Hi! After getting your visa, proceed kna sa seminar to get your sticker on your passport. Kc dka makaka alis ng bansa ng wla nung sticker na un. And yes, may expiration po yan. Upon receiving your passport, makikita mo un sa visa mo. I think you have 6 months to leave. Kea cguro nman ok lng kung December kna umalis. If you want to be extra sure, you can call the embassy… ^^,

  31. kris says:

    @gladys, gnun po b? kakalito kc. pero idodouble ko kc sept14 p nmn alis ko. nice to meet ya

    @leslie, yeah may leaflet dun pero namissplace ko n kc at hindi ko n mhanapan. pero sb ng friend ko n andun n s washington, fiance visa din cia, punta n lng daw ako s cfo and sila n daw bahala magsabi kung ano gagawin. iprepare ko n lng cguro lahat ng requirements ng pdos and GCP pra just incase alin man s dlawang yan eh d nko babalik d2 pampanga pra kunin ibang requirements.

    @gladys & leslie, san po kau s US nktira? thanks s pagreply ha..

  32. leslie says:

    @ kris

    Hi! dito kmi sa NY ng husband ko. Si Gladys, sa Hawaii.
    Hope this help Kris. click on this link…

    Nga pla, you’re welcome. I’ve been there and I know how it feels. But it’ll all be worth it in the end pag magkasama na kau for real. hehehe…

  33. kris says:

    @leslie.. thanks.. may 25 p naapprove visa ko… since sept p ung tlagang alis , now ko lng nilalakad ung pdos or gco n cnsb..well i might go to cfo n lng…hay nku!!! ny i wanna go to ny hehe… i have cousins, aunts and uncles s hawaii din. nku buti p kayo…hehehe salamat ulit

  34. leslie says:


    hala, halos sabay lng tau na-approve. nauna kpa ata. may 27 ko na-receive visa ko. san ka sa pinas?

  35. kris says:


    d2 sa pampanga po. eh u, san u po d2 s pinas?

  36. You share a nice experience with us .. Definitely it will help every one who are interested for immigration.

  37. vanessa says:

    hello po ate glady’s, pwede po ba magtanong??xe naguguluhan na tlga ako.. my kachat po xe akong tga USA, pero di pa po kme magkita personally, pero nkita na po niya ako sa webcam at xa ay hindi ko nkita sa webcam, nagpasa lang po xa ng picture sa akin, bale apat po ung picture niya sa akin, bale 3 months na po nmin,nagun po ay naguguluhan ako, xe kukunin daw niya ako sa US, and He is planning to apply me for fiancee visa..malapit na po xa umuwi ng Pinas para raw asikasuhin niya ung papers ko.. birth certificate lng nmn ang kelangan niyang kunin sa akin.. ate gladys, my possibility ba na lolokohin niya ako???divorse daw cla ng asawa niya 7 years ago at my anak clng isa, lalaki,14 y/o..ung anak niya nsa babae, kaya cla nagdivorce dahil my ibang lalaki ang asawa niya, kaya un… natatakot po xe ako na baka niloloko lng niya ako..21 y/o na po ako at xa ay 44 na..malapit na po xang punta dito Pinas sa November na po… magbigay ka nga po ng opinion mo, about po sa Problema ko.. hihintayin ko po… salamat and God bless

  38. daniel maneclang says:

    hi sir and mom
    can u pls help me i dont now po kc kung kay lan ako pwedeng mag pdos kc po first tme ko lang po kc mom and sir by schedule po ba yon hindi ko kc alamm eh
    pwede nyopo ba akng itxt nlna para po mlaman ko kopo maraming salamt po….
    this is my number 09104719219

  39. chuck says:

    this damn CFO in cebu could not understand an enter to leave ouside of the rule Uk visa so they delay my wife stamp..

    They told us it would not take 5 working days but when we phone after 7 days they said british embassy r so busy..Its a whole lots of crap in cebu..

    they making storries and advice us to come back on her day of departature for the stamp its so stupid..

    Its there anything guys i could sue this people if they jeoperdise my wife ticket..we ve been already waiting for 3 weeks and no sign wahtsoever if they going to put stamp of my wife visa..

  40. vhely says:

    hi i would like to ask i already received the complete docs from my husband in Dubai- he is resident their- my husband is my sponsor , & he gave residence visa coming from Dubai – in short i received residence visa from dubai- ., do ineed to attend in PDOS to get the CFO sticker or any docs that i need to prepare?


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