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Requesting my CENOMAR from NSO

I need to file my request for CENOMAR (Certificate Of No Marriage) this week, I’ve already marked my calendar.

Whew, the thing with NSO recently is that, they’re always offline. You can never imagine the number of peeps in line after they got online. I went there last week but I never manage to wait for my turn, I guess I was number 300 for that day.

I can’t stand the pushing and the running to get to the next counter, geez, it doesn’t feel good to be pushed. I just hope they don’t go offline that often this week so the pending transaction will be finished.

Or else it will leave me no choice but to file for a one day leave (again) from work.

But this is way more better than few years ago; few years ago, all of the requests from NSO took like a couple of weeks to months before you can have the requested document.

By the way, its been few days now since Davao has a rainy afternoon. Hmmm, don’t forget the ‘payong’ (umbrella) dabawenya and dabawenyo or else you’ll get soak in the rain :-) .

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  1. tina says:

    well be blessed sa pagkuha mo ng CENOMAR.

  2. sheng says:

    hi couz, im happy 4u and at the same time, sad pud kay naanad nako ba nga nagauban jud ta. kabalo ka, wala gud nako gina mind nga hapit naka molakaw kay mingaw man gud uy, pero ani jud ang life… hehehe diri nalang uy, im too emotional na… hehehe… Basta u know that im always here 4u. im just a text or chat away.. Godbless..

  3. TIKEY says:

    Diba pwede nmang kumuha ng certificate online? tapos sa bangko ata ung pag bayad tapus dedeliver sayu after 2 to 3 days… ginawa ko kc un e! heheh! gudluck sayo! uy ikakasal na sya nyan! heheh

  4. Gladys Muana says:

    thanks angel, kuha ako ngayon..goodluck gladys sa pila..hahahah..

  5. Gladys Muana says:


    hey…shhhh…dont talk about it, dool man lang gihapon ko. fake ning chat og email. Besides, i’m happy to go kasi I know u can stand on ur own na…i know ur strong enough to set ur goal and naa na ka enough courage ba. Happy ko ana..

    I do love you too and yeah, we will be friends forever.

  6. Gladys Muana says:

    Tutubi…pwede sis pero pila pa rin sa bank tsaka mas mahal yung online :D (magtipid ba?..hehe)..

    yeah, pasasakal na…hehehe..nadali eh, mahal ko talaga :) .

    kamusta ka na sis?

  7. sheng says:

    tnx couz. dili jud nako kalimtan ato mga fond memories dinhi and thankful jud kau ko nga nagkauban ta kay na developed akong self esteem dinhi ba. Mao jud ni akong greatest achievement 4 my entire life hehehe..

    tnx pud sa mga advises ha? basta im hapi 4u.

  8. exan says:

    hi bagag leps, i am happy for your journey towards the preparation of your married life… God bless and despidida before you’ll go ha…do not forget us or else!…hhehehh

  9. Gladys Muana says:

    bagag leps…thanks for visiting my blog..lab yah!

    yaps, despedida jud puhon..

  10. taz says:

    hi i received my packet4 already for fiancee visa and ready for an interview,but one of the requirements is OTHER COUNTRY POLICE CERTIFICATE,i have worked in japan for 6months, i want to know how can i get that certificate?ano kelangang ipresent na documents?can you help me share some info about that?thanks God bless

  11. donna says:

    i live here in tagum city,can i get my certificate of no marriage in davao city,,cause its too expensive for me to go manila

  12. Hi Donna,

    Yeah, I took my CENOMAR in Davao city too.

  13. donna says:

    hello,,can i get my nso here in davao,,no need to go manila?can i have the number how to have delivery of cenomar from nso?

  14. Hi Donna,

    The best way is to go to the NSO office in Davao City as early as 7am because there are a lot of people who are filing their certificates too.

    Or else if you want to do it online here’s the site:

  15. Babes says:

    I just wanted to know kung how many days nyo po bago makuha ang CENOMAR certificate ?..

    thnks alot..


  16. Hi Babes,

    It took me 3 weeks before I received my CENOMAR..medyo matagal ang processing ng CENOMAR. I’m not sure ngayon baka nagbago na ang processing but to be sure, request it a month or 2 months before your interview :)

    God Bless on your Visa processing.

  17. red says:

    Ive been waiting for the issuance of cenomar,they said it takes 3 weeks, pag e present ko ba yun sa embassy where one of my requirements to get fiance visa, do the embassy still verify it to NSO or DFA? and it takes another 3 weeks again po ba? Or ok na pag present mo ung documents? or need verification?

  18. jay says:

    kung sa internet ako mag request ng cenomar.
    How many days to claim or to recieve my cenomar?
    Thanks po…
    ^.^ jay ^.^

  19. hi jay,

    I’m not sure about the span of time it takes for online request but to make sure..try calling the NSO office near you or check their website.

  20. tornKning says:

    Hi, cool site, good writing ;)

  21. jane says:

    CENOMAR!!!!! Wag nyo na pag aksayahan yan… masasayang ang panahon at pera nyo.. dahil nag iisue naman sila ng CENOMAR kahit married na… DIBA CARMENCITA ERICTA AT LOURDES HUFANA…. ang mga head ng NSO!!!! Mahiya naman kayo!!!!

  22. ecensus says:

    [...] else in … So I called my sister if it’s possible that we get the birth certs thru ecensus. …Requesting my CENOMAR from NSO : Dabawenya Babe goes to Hawaii Gladys Erhardt | Jan 29, 2008 | Reply. I just wanted [...]

  23. manny says:

    pano po makakuha ng cenomar?at ilang araw po bago makuha?

  24. Gladys says:

    Hey Manny,

    Punta ka sa local NSO office in your city and request it from there or else you can try searching for the ecensus website and pwede mo ring e-request online.


  25. Lee says:

    Hi to all,I like what Jean says yes i heared about that nso issued cenomar even already about issuing death certificate if if your husband is still alive?is it possible?Thanks

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