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My experience when I renewed my NBI clearance

I couldn’t beleive it when I renewed my NBI clearance and the result was “I GOT HIT”. That’s how they call it when there’s an unsolve record in the NBI. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s ‘my record’ cause a lot of times, it belongs to another person who has the same name.

It made me think when I heard the result, I haven’t been anywhere but work and home for the past few months or years. I wasn’t scared or something, but it made me wonder, who in the world was that of the same name as mine that has a record.

I really thought I have a unique name, my name spells like this..Glady’s ,yeah that’s with an apostrophe. I would even smile before, all of the people I’ve met who first saw the spelling always gives a follow up question, well, can’t blame them. My name seemed like –Glady is..and I have 2 first name. Glady’s Gay -can you imagine it sounded like Glady is Gay.

Geez, now there’s the two of us. I wonder who is that girl with the same name as mine..hmmm. I have no idea what did she did but I just hope that she will clear her name.

A piece of advice to those who are getting their records, get those ahead of time so incase of delays; you can still meet your deadline.

By the way, I’m renewing my NBI clearance as it is needed for my upcoming Embassy interview.

I first filed it September of last year (2006) but then the Embassy required for the latest one (at least 3 months), so I renewed it.

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  1. tina says:

    with a name as unique as yours…its really shocking to find someone with the same name as well.

  2. Aldrin says:

    unique nga…pareho kayo unique. hehe…wala diay ka tong daan nimo na clearance? mao lang man na pakita nimo. pero with your name, with ‘ pa jud…grabe…jackpot, pareho pa. :)

  3. Gladys Muana says:

    yeah, na-shock jud ko when the NBI officer said “UR HIT”..i said “WHAT??!#$”

    Kinsa ba gud ang magtoo nga duna gyud koy kapareho og ngalan..ka-unique na ana, pero naa gyud diay. Katong daan nako nga clearance di na pwede kay kailangan man nila og at least last 3 months pa g-issue.

    Advise jud nako sa mga mukuhaay, sayuha jud..naa gani ko kapareho nga naa apostrophe ako ngalan..unsa pa kaha tong wala..

    Anytime this week, ma-release na hinoon to..

  4. Aldrin says:

    what i meant with your old clearance was…mao lang na imong ipakita sa ila then with that, mas madali ang imong pag process sa imong new clearance. :) …kay didto sila mag base…try daw check :)

  5. Gladys Muana says:

    hi aldrin,

    yep, mao na ila gibuhat, kato ilang gibasehan but i guess they’re still basing it with the names kay kung ang ilang basehan katong control number, wala man gyud mugawas nga lain nga record but mine. But i doubted it..or else nag-double check lang sila nga kato si glady’s gay nga taga-manila og si glady’s gay nga taga-davao di jud pareho.

    Naa pud ko nadunggan, ingon ana daw sila ka-istrikto labaw na kay gamiton pagawas. Pasalamat na lang pud ko nga nag-renew ko og sayo sayo pa kay naga-background check ra ba ang Embassy, basi og ma-delay pa hinoon.

    Ok baya siya, wa man pud ko nalain..awareness noon sa akoa. Kung manganak ko, akong ipangalan kay puro consonant na..hahahaha, syaro..

    Realization..daghan na jud diay kaau og tawo ang kalibutan no..

    taga-asa man ka aldrin? salamat kaau sa imong tambag ha..ask away kung naa pud ka pangutana, basta kaya nako tubagon..tubag ko :D

  6. dee says:

    so how did you clear your name?

  7. I wasn’t the one who cleared my name dee, it was the system that cleared my name. I just waited for the result and then they said i’m cleared, that’s further explanation.

  8. taz says:

    hi i received my packet4 already for fiancee visa and ready for an interview,but one of the requirements is OTHER COUNTRY POLICE CERTIFICATE,i have worked in japan for 6months, i want to know how can i get that certificate?ano kelangang ipresent na documents?can you help me, share namn some info about that?thanks God bless

  9. kaau says:

    [...] successfully cover and is relatively easy to learn, but has many opportunities for advanced players.My experience when I renewed my NBI clearance : Dabawenya …salamat kaau sa imong tambag ha..ask away kung naa pud ka pangutana, basta kaya nako … Post a [...]

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