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meinl hand engraved aluminum doumbek

Who wants a meinl hand engraved aluminum doumbek? This drum is beautiful! And if you are into music, I’m sure you are going to appreciate this one. Thanks to the internet, it’s readily available right now.

I may have only been an audience but I appreciate every beautiful music created and crafted by any musicians. Go ahead and check this drum out now!

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DJ’s online

Who wants a wedding DJ in raleigh nc? If you do, then click on the link that I provided in this post. It will redirect you to the website that provides wedding dj services. Make sure to verify and/or give the office a phone call or meet them in person before making an arrangement. Just to make sure you’re getting what you are expecting.

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Well, hello!

…so here I am, back to square 1 for the nth time lol. I’m just busy (blah blah blah..excuses, excuses, excuses). I know, you’re tired of hearing it, but I guess it will always be like this until I find my tempo. I just couldn’t balance everything (too much on my plate with only a pair of hands~ I think I need at least 4 lol).

So how have I been? To make the long story short, I found a job, stick with it and I’m actually happy with my job. Love the people (co-workers) I worked with everyday. I always have fun at work. Yeah it’s very stressful but hey, it just comes with the job.

So I will be changing job location soon and I won’t be able to work with my favorites, I’m sad but of course it’s always been this way. I just have to embrace it and make new friends again. I will never forget those co-workers who trained me, thank you for being nice to a newbie, thank you for lending a hand, thank you for the laughs, the crazy moments at work..i truly love you for that (it did add a color to my work life).

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Cleaning service available online

Anybody looking for cleaning service in harrisburg? I have a link in this post and all you need to do is click and browse on it. The link will redirect to the website that you needed. Make sure to bookmark it so you can use it later. I always do until I am able to memorize the website address itself :P .

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You can save online too

So how can you save on gibson les paul studio brown at guitar center? Simple, your computer, your internet connection and you yourself infront of your computer, searching for websites that offers deals. There are a lot of things that you can do in the internet. If you are able to utilize it to the best of your advantage, you are going to benefit the best.

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Business card online

If you are looking for wholesale business card, i’s available online and the only thing that you need to do is use your internet and do a search. Yahoo or google search will give a list of website where it’s available. Go ahead and do it. The websites will mail it directly right at your doorstep. Don’t forget to bookmark the website for later use.

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I am a multitasker

Until me and my husband started improving our home little by little, I did not have any interest of latches :P . Funny how, I even know how to use different tools that I’ve only seen most guys use. I admit though, it feels great to see the finish product. I’m so proud of myself.

So far, I’ve repainted, laid tiles, cut and hammered wood together. We’ll see what’s next :-D

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unrestricted mobility

Disability or even old age is not a hindrance for anybody to be independent. There are a lot of available products that can anybody can avail to make daily life easier. Take for example, a stair lift. It’s widely available (yes even in the internet) so your mobility is not restricted.

I’ve seen a lot of disabled individuals that are doing their normal routines like any of us who doesn’t need it. So if you needed one, go ahead and take advantage of this product. Anything that can make your life more manageable is awesome. All the times, our privacy matters a lot. We also need our space from time to time, although of course it would be really nice if we can get a help from our loved-ones.

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